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Douglas Ave. in Wichita, KS: Bringing to life a downtown in middle America

Wichita, KS

Completed: 2017

Douglas Avenue, located in the heart of downtown Wichita, KS, recently refurbished its main drag with the help of Wausau Made. The transformation helped cement Wichita’s place as one of the Great Places in America, as determined by the American Planning Association, and those behind the project’s success are sharing the Wausau Made difference.

“Wausau Made did a great job meeting a difficult schedule set out by the City of Wichita. The shipping department did a great job communicating and delivering exactly as promised.  I gave them a very specific loading sequence on three different shipments and they nailed it each time. A giant plus was their ability to set the planters with a truck crane so that we had very little handling of them. The drivers were great to work with.”
 - Tom White, vice president of operations, Heartstone

“For the needs of this project, in constructability and long-term maintenance for the City of Wichita, Wausau Made won hands down. They were nearly three times less expensive [than other planters].” - William Wells, LK Landscape Architecture

“Wausau Made won the bid by having the best price, along with its ability to manufacture extra molds and increase production to meet the timelines required. They proved themselves by delivering what was promised."

Jason Gregory, executive vice president, Downtown Wichita


  • LK Architecture, Inc.
  • Heartstone
  • City of Wichita


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